MemBus-Gil’s Book Loft

Gil’s Book Loft is owned by Gil and Deborah Williams.


Here is a description of their book selling business:

As of July 2009, we sell our books exclusively via,,,, and a few other sites which link back to Alibris or Abebooks. You may order via these sites, all of which offer security, or you may purchase directly from us by phone, 607-771-6800. We do not accept credit cards but we can bill via PayPal, even if you do not currently have a PayPal account.  If you live in our area, you may pick up the book you’ve seen on our Net listings by phoning for an appointment. We accept cash & checks. New York State sales tax applies. We no longer have an open shop, so browsing is not possible. Although we are now posting many photos with our book listings on and, we are glad to send photos directly to people with serious interests in specific books. If you need information about our original art or antique bookends, please contact us. You are more than welcome to make an appointment for a private showing when in our area.

You can reach Gil’s Book Loft as follows:               

Gil’s Book Loft
 PO Box 365
 Binghamton, NY 13905
 (607) 771-6800  You can also send e-mail to