Founders Brunch October 11, 2015

As part of the 65th anniversary celebration, Temple Concord presented a brunch program involving first and second generation founders of our synagogue. The brunch was held on Sunday October 11, 2015.

We had a good audience of over 50 TC members and guests.  Audience resized

Neisen Luks moderator resized        The program moderator was past TC president Neisen Luks.


Panelists included Alice Bonis, Ted Major, Mark Rappaport, Don Sukloff, Dick Frankel and Stan Blum.

Panelist Alice Bonis resized   Panelist Ted Major resized  Panelist Mark Rappaport resized  

Panelist Don Sukloff resized   Panelist Dick Frankel resized    Panelist Stan Blum resized

Life long TC member Ruth Rappaport made some comments about growing up in Owego and moving to Binghamton.  Alice and Ted examined the photo of the first confirmation class.

Ruth Rappaport resized        Ted Major and Alice Bonis resized       Exhibit booklet resized