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E-mailing copies of Shelanu newsletter to start soon!!

Starting with the April 2016 edition, we will be distributing the monthly Shelanu through your e-mail. You will receive both the April and May Shelanu electronically as well as a paper copy through regular US mail. The electronic Shelanu will be in .pdf format, which everyone should be able to open without difficulty. Our weekly Pew News, for the last two years, is sent in .pdf format.

Sending Shelanu electronically will help to cut our production and mailing costs, as well as ensuring that you receive Shelanu before the first of every month. The annual cost savings for electronic copies of Shelanu is very significant and was discussed at the May 2015 annual meeting. 

After the May 2016 issue, you will receive only an e-mailed copy, unless you notify the Temple Office that you need to keep receiving a paper copy. We will accomodate those members who request a paper copy because they do not have a computer, or other good reason. If there are any problems in receiving your e-mail copy, please be sure to contact the Temple Office to make sure we have your most current e-mail address on file.

Extra printed copies of Shelanu are always posted in the lobby. The Temple Concord website has available for downloading and printing the last six months of Shelanu. These are also in .pdf format for easy viewing. The Temple office now has a cloud storage system which contains copies of Shelanu back to 2009. Prior to 2009, there are copies in the Temple archives.